Online project management for optimum quality

You don’t need us to tell you that coordination is key in any FMCG packaging and labelling project. (And that communicating via email isn’t the way to do it). Work with us and you’ll have access to our in-house, state-of-the-art digital project management system, including digital asset management (DAM) and KPI tracking. With PPC on board, you can minimise costs, maximise quality and free up your time for creative projects.

DAM (digital asset management)

Work with us and you’ll be able to make use of an online repository for all your finished artwork files, 3D proofs and metadata, allowing you to search and browse.

KPI reporting on response times & correction loops:

With all your PPC projects recorded in our database, you’ll be able to keep track of progress towards your goals.

Customized online project management: Process Gearbox

We guide your print project from A to Z in full transparency, using our in-house digital project management system “Process Gearbox”. This is an online tool with automated task messaging and a file viewing engine that facilitates interaction, including annotations, comments and approval.

We use Process Gearbox to structure, track and streamline communication among all stakeholders from our specialists and our customers’ marketing, brand, and legal professionals, to design agencies and printers. It’s invaluable, backed by our years of experience and a vast database of international printers’ technical specs and parameters.

Process Gearbox guarantees transparency and traceability during the whole process.

With PPC on board, you can minimize costs,
maximize quality and free up your time for creative projects.