About us

Pre-press partner for FMCG packaging and labels

PPC combines state-of-the-art technology with specialist expertise in pre-press FMCG packaging and labels, backed by decades of experience. Our approach is personal and professional, saving our customers time and costs, cutting their risks and ensuring that their packaging is printed consistently on-brand everywhere – exactly as their creative designers intended.

Founded in 1980 and taken over in 1989 by two brothers, Chris and Luc Valkiers, PPC remains in private ownership. Luc focuses on finance and HR while Chris focuses on the commercial side and is often the person who meets our potential customers to find out what their precise requirements are. We value our long relationships with local and international FMCG brand owners

With short reporting lines, highly trained specialist staff and our own in-house online process management system ‘Process Gearbox’, PPC is perfectly placed to give our customers the personal and professional attention they deserve.

Dedicated to optimum results

At PPC we’re dedicated to making sure that your FMCG brand packaging and labelling is printed perfectly – and consistently – on every surface or substrate, no matter the location, printing technique or printer used. We’re the vital link between creative designers and printers. You can rely on us to take care of the fine details and present you with guaranteed print-ready files for optimum printed results.

Proud to be

By calling on PPC, you can rest assured that your print project is in the best hands. Our specialist staff has decades of expertise in the packaging and label print business. We pride ourselves on giving our FMCG customers predictable, optimum results – every time.

Chris Valkiers – co-owner 
Luc Valkiers – co-owner
Thomas Van Duyse – Account Manager 
Ann De Clercq – Office Manager and Accountancy 

Technical consultancy and expertise

At PPC every customer brand owner has their own brand team of experienced specialists familiar with the specific brand requirements. We communicate on a daily basis with our customers. From design input to print-ready files, we take care of the details and technicalities, leaving you free to focus on the more creative sides of brand management.