Pre-press consultancy that saves time and costs

From choosing a printer to signing off on the print-ready files, PPC’s specialists are here to help you boost your brand recognition worldwide. Take the pain out of printing your FMCG packaging and labelling, avoid misprints, extra costs and wasted time. With PPC on your team, you have a reliable partner that’s trusted by major international brands. We’ll be there to advise you from day one, safeguarding your brand identity across packaging and labelling everywhere.

Pre-production meeting (PPM)

First, for any major project, we advise that you get everyone around the table – virtually or in person. Do this for every new brand, product range or rebranding exercise. Include everyone: your marketeers, brand managers, design agency and, of course, our PPC print experts. Together, we’ll identify technical hurdles and creative choices upfront, avoiding technical issues and saving you unnecessary risks and costs.

Printer profile and
technical audit

Using state-of-the-art technology and our vast database, we’ll conduct a thorough study beforehand of all technical and printing parameters. This will result in an accurate prediction of how your campaign artwork will look in print. We take into account all the technical specifications and limitations of the various printing methods, helping you to manage expectations and tackle issues upfront.

Colour management
and fingerprinting

Optimum quality of the printed result – that’s our ambition for you. To get there, we have to dive into the details on everything from colour correction to substrate used. Just as every human being has a unique fingerprint, every printing machine and technique has its own unique characteristics. Our tools can predict these characteristics and adjust your print files accordingly, so the result is exactly how you imagined it – whatever print method is used.

Graphical process

For any brand campaign to be successful, design and print have to come together perfectly. That’s why we also take a look at your customer-side processes and systems. How do you initiate a briefing, what programs and apps are you using to create your graphic files, what are your preferred project management systems?

Print run assistance
and press sign-off

Thanks to our in-depth technical knowledge of the different printing techniques and our decades of experience, PPC is the ideal partner to give print run assistance and press sign-off. 

printer audit

Not sure if you’re choosing the right printer? PPC can do a technical audit to assess whether the printer can satisfy your quality standards within your budget. Benefit from our extensive international database of printers’ technical specs and parameters.