Brand Identity
PPC wants to place the brand, your brand, as strongly and strikingly as possible, as one consistent image in the market. Our graphic procedures provide (colour) consistency in image and shape for every application, regardless of the printing process. PPC stands for the responsible use of Pantone colours together with or as a replacement for Process Colours to achieve that predictable goal.
Technical Know-how
During the past 30 years PPC has built up invaluable expertise in its inter-national relationships with printers.
PPC works closely with many renowned printers around the world. In this way we have built up a lot of experience concerning printing processes, technical managers, potential limitations and incidental pitfalls. It is our approach to identify potential problems and to solve them in advance, i.e. long before a production starts.
Printing Techniques
Depending on quantities, sizes and substrates, brand owners often choose various and customised printing techniques. PPC ensures that throughout these different approaches, the brand retains a uniform appearance and the colour image remains identical.
The role of PPC in the graphics market is moving more and more towards consultancy. Especially where packaging and label printing is concerned. The rapid evolution of the various printing processes on the one hand and greater job rotation in the marketing department of brand owners on the other hand means there is less graphics expertise these days. To meet the complexity of various marketing and packaging needs, clients like to call upon a reliable technical partner who possesses this specialist knowledge..
Technical Feasibility
PPC gives professional advice on the technical feasibility of certain creative proposals and whether they can be translated to an existing industrial printing process. Where and when appropriate, PPC works out compromises.
Press Sign Off
PPC gives a guarantee for the end result of the production press and can either give the final press sign off itself, acting on instructions from the customer / brand owner, or attend the press sign off to offer technical support to the client / brand owner. PPC has qualified staff who have proved themselves and have the necessary technical equipment to measure the accuracy of the print results in an objective and scientific manner.
Printer Audit
With its extensive experience PPC conducts technical audits of a printing company to determine in advance whether a particular printer meets the quality requirements of customers / brand owners at a technical and organisational level.
The specific characteristics of a printing / printer can be determined experimentally in advance. PPC records a "technical DNA”, making as it were a fingerprint of a printing company. This profile is essential for making files and proofs, to ensure predictability as compared to the final printed product on that press or from that printer.
Pre production Meetings
New projects are best started with a PPM where the customer / brand owner, the Design Agency, PPC and a relevant printer look for technical solutions or translations for the creative choices made during the design phase. Potential problems and pitfalls are detected and resolved in a consensus between the various stakeholders.
Brand-Packaging Know-how
Through years of experience with design agencies, printers and clients / brand owners, PPC has built up very strong expertise related to various packaging needs, at a marketing and technical level.
the most common carrier for items such as folding boxes, cartons,
Carrier which is used for single-portion packages, labels,
Aluminium and steel
Mainly for tin packaging for beverages or biscuit tins
Carrier for commercial printing
Process Gearbox
PPC's production support online tool ensures transparency and traceability in the production flows.
Digital Assets Management
Once a package or project has been finalised and printed, the latest versions of the files are archived in a highly secure manner and provided with meta data. The customer / owner can consult and download these files or their components, online, using specific search functions.
Process Management
The online process management tool streamlines and monitors all process flows and critical aspects. The optimal process is determined in collaboration with the client / brand owner. After implementation, new process tasks are automatically started up after completing the previous task. The various stakeholders are informed about a task by automatic email notifications. The project manager maintains a complete overview of the total flow. All actions are logged and retained. The tool allows digital graphic files to be checked in optimum conditions, to be compared with a previous version, and to be approved or rejected.
KPI Reporting
Measuring is knowing. PPC can deliver a complete overview on a monthly or quarterly basis (including the relevant graphs) that allow for analysis of all factors affecting price, quality and timing so that so that corrective measures can be taken quickly and efficiently
(also photo-engraving or intaglio printing): printing process with engraved copper cylinders used for large print runs, that allows for different printing substrates such as foil or film, cardboard and paper. This process requires a specific preparation of the file.
(also pad printing or letterpress printing): printing process using clichés. Used for printing on different substrates such as plastic, foil or film, cardboard and paper. Requires a specific preparation of the file.
is the most standardised way of printing. (ISO standard) and is used both for commercial brochure printing and for cardboard packaging. The pressing is done using aluminium plates with a photo-sensitive layer.
Dry Offset
printing process used for printing on tin plate (steel or aluminium). Requires a specific preparation of the file.